AXIS Font is distinguished for its simple, airy design, and for its availability in seven font weights. Excellent compatibility has been achieved between Japanese typefaces (for hiragana, katakana, kanji and other characters) and Latin typefaces. AXIS Font's well-balanced design is particularly evident in cases of mixed typesetting of Japanese and non-Japanese text. For AXIS Condensed and Compressed, rather than merely narrowing down the basic typeface, we designed an exclusive narrow Japanese font with a focus on character width issues. Moderately slender widths were developed, responding to today's high-density text communication needs with crisp, slim-bodied shapes. With its bilingual content-accommodating design, AXIS Font has been adopted by numerous globally active corporations and now enjoys use in a wide variety of situations.

AXIS Font Std contains 9,354 characters in accordance with Adobe-Japan1-3. AXIS Font ProN will expand this to 15,525 characters, including Latin Italic font, supporting 78 languages.

Price (Download version)

1 weight (*Available downloading version only)
ProN ¥25,000 / Std ¥20,360
Japanese Basic 7 weights set (UL / EL / L / R / M / B /H)
ProN ¥157,500 / Std ¥128,300
Japanese Condensed 6 weights set (UL / EL / L / R / M / B)
ProN ¥135,000 / Std ¥110,000
Japanese Compressed 5 weights set (UL / EL / L / R / M )
ProN ¥112,500 / Std ¥91,700
Japanese 18 fonts set (Basic+Condensed+Compressed)
ProN ¥370,000 / Std¥306,000
*We deliver the CD-ROM only in Japan.

AXIS Font Japanese 18 fonts set


AXIS Font Japanese Basic
7 fonts set


AXIS Font Japanese Condensed
6 fonts set


AXIS Font Japanese Compressed
5 fonts set

* We deliver the CD-ROM only in Japan.

AXIS Font Basic UL

AXIS Font Basic EL

AXIS Font Basic L

AXIS Font Basic R

AXIS Font Basic M

AXIS Font Basic B

AXIS Font Basic H

AXIS Font Condensed UL

AXIS Font Condensed EL

AXIS Font Condensed L

AXIS Font Condensed R

AXIS Font Condensed M

AXIS Font Condensed B

AXIS Font Compressed UL

AXIS Font Compressed EL

AXIS Font Compressed L

AXIS Font Compressed R

AXIS Font Compressed M

Main feature

  • OpenType font
  • Cross platform
  • Extractable outlines
  • PDF embedded
  • Kerning information
  • No resolution restrictions
  • Dynamic download

About Compatibility between AXIS Font Standard version
and Pro version

We developed AXIS Font Pro version by fine-tuning a part of AXIS Font Standard version's characters. In addition to that, we added the pair kerning feature to Alphabet and Kana of AXIS Font Basic, and changed the character width and proportional metrics of a part of AXIS Font Condensed and Compressed's characters. Please note that a typesetting format may change if you replace the font from Standard version to Pro version; both versions do not retain the full compatibility.

Supported operating system
■ Macintosh
Mac OS 8.6 or later, Mac OS X
※Need ATM4.6.2 & up for non-Mac OS X
■ Windows
Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10(Japanese version)

Font set
Std: Adobe-Japan1-3 (9,354 characters)
ProN: Adobe-Japan1-4 +N (15,525 characters, including Latin Italic)

About purchase

Payment method

  • Credit card
  • Bank transfer (more than JPY100,000 purchase at one time)

Payment period

  • Credit card: immediate
  • Bank transfer:within 7 days after the order


The invoice of your purchase is available to print at mypage.


  • Please download the font(s) and install within three (3) days. Please note that you cannot download after three days. Please check your order before you have processed the download. We won't accept the cancellation once you had downloaded the font(s).


  • We deliver the CD-ROM only in Japan.