Announcing Hama Mincho

Type Project has announced a new product, Hama Mincho, born of the town of Yokohama. Hama Mincho is designed as a family series, with the four categories of Caption, Text, Headline and Display, each of which is available in six weights.

Announcing SST JP

Type Project has announced a new product, SST JP. SST is a corporate font that was developed jointly by Sony Corporation and Monotype. Type Project, on receiving a commission from Monotype, developed the Japanese typeface SST JP. It will be available at discount price of 50 percent off through July 27, 2017.

Announcing TP Sky

Type Project has announced a new product, TP Sky that is a font family designed with the attribute of "modulation" incorporated into a sans-serif typeface so as to improve its effectiveness on digital device screens. The family consists of five basic weights that are crucial to the handling of character information, and three contrast levels that are useful for improving legibility.