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AXIS Round

AXIS Round has been developed to further enrich the world of expressive possibilities already experienced by users of AXIS Font. AXIS Round 50 is a rounded font made by smoothing down the angles of the original sans-serif AXIS Font, with the typeface's sharp contours reworked with subtle curves to bring out a soft, airy quality. AXIS Round 100 is a "contemporary round Gothic" that is both approachable and possessed of a sense of being neatly attired. As the inside diameter has not been rounded in the manner of most round Gothics, the sharp expressiveness of the modern sans-serif remains.

Though members of the AXIS Font family, which is characterized by its neutral feel, AXIS Round Condensed and Compressed are fonts with particularly distinctive traits. As pioneering members of a family of narrow Japanese typefaces, AXIS Font Condensed and Compressed each have basic settings for a build that is suited to narrow type, resulting in characters are striking while also exuding a pleasantly natural rhythm.

Price (Download version)
1 weight (StdN)
Download version ¥20,360
*Available downloading version only
7 weights set (StdN)(UL /EL / L / R / M / B /H)
Download version ¥128,300
Condensed 6 weights set (StdN)
(UL / EL / L / R / M / B)
Download version ¥110,000
Compressed 5 weights set (StdN)
(UL / EL / L / R / M)
Download version ¥91,700
18 fonts set (Std)
(7 weights set+Condensed+Compressed)
Download version ¥306,000
*We deliver the CD-ROM only in Japan

AXIS Round 50 18 fonts set

Standard (StdN)

AXIS Round 50 7 weights set

Standard (StdN)

AXIS Round 50 Condensed 6 weights set

Standard (StdN)

AXIS Round 50 Compressed 5 weights set

Standard (StdN)

AXIS Round 100 18 fonts set

Standard (StdN)

AXIS Round 100 7 weights set

Standard (StdN)

AXIS Round 100 Condensed 6 weights set

Standard (StdN)

AXIS Round 100 Compressed 5 weights set

Standard (StdN)

AXIS Round 50 UL

AXIS Round 50 EL

AXIS Round 50 L

AXIS Round 50 R

AXIS Round 50 M

AXIS Round 50 B

AXIS Round 50 H

AXIS Round 50 Condensed UL

AXIS Round 50 Condensed EL

AXIS Round 50 Condensed L

AXIS Round 50 Condensed R

AXIS Round 50 Condensed M

AXIS Round 50 Condensed B

AXIS Round 50 Compressed UL

AXIS Round 50 Compressed EL

AXIS Round 50 Compressed L

AXIS Round 50 Compressed R

AXIS Round 50 Compressed M

AXIS Round 100 UL

AXIS Round 100 EL

AXIS Round 100 L

AXIS Round 100 R

AXIS Round 100 M

AXIS Round 100 B

AXIS Round 100 H

AXIS Round 100 Condensed UL

AXIS Round 100 Condensed EL

AXIS Round 100 Condensed L

AXIS Round 100 Condensed R

AXIS Round 100 Condensed M

AXIS Round 100 Condensed B

AXIS Round 100 Compressed UL

AXIS Round 100 Compressed EL

AXIS Round 100 Compressed L

AXIS Round 100 Compressed R

AXIS Round 100 Compressed M

Main feature

  • OpenType font
  • Cross platform
  • Extractable outlines
  • PDF embedded
  • Kerning information
  • No resolution restrictions
  • Dynamic download

Supported operating system
■ Macintosh
Macintosh OS 8.6 or later, Mac OS X
*Need ATM4.6.2 & up for non-Mac OS X
■ Windows
7, 8, 8.1, 10 (Japanese version)

Font set
9,498 characters
Adobe-Japan1-3 + JIS level-1& 2 kanji set + Euro currency symbol

About purchase

Payment method

  • Credit card
  • Bank transfer (more than JPY100,000 purchase at one time)

Payment period

  • Credit card: immediate
  • Bank transfer:within 7 days after the order


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  • Please download the font(s) and install within three (3) days. Please note that you cannot download after three days. Please check your order before you have processed the download. We won't accept the cancellation once you had downloaded the font(s).


  • We deliver the CD-ROM only in Japan.