Maybe there's no font on the market available in the weight you are looking for. Or you can't find a Japanese font that is perfectly suited to the weight of a language-specific corporate font from another country. FitFont is a service that responds to these issues using Type Project-developed adjustable functions. From the initial stages of typeface design, Type Project carries out font development with the actual application of such functions in mind, so even when weight, contrast or character width is changed, a balanced state with proper character proportions is maintained.

Price (per weight)
AXIS FitFont (ProN) ¥29,500
TP Mincho FitFont (StdN) ¥24,000
(FitFont are available solely as download versions.)

Combined Font development fee from ¥250,000

About FitFont

Both AXIS FitFont and TP Mincho FitFont have 1,071 variations each. Make minute adjustments of weight, width or contrast with the slide bar, and select the font that best suits your needs.
AXIS FitFont: 21 width levels and 51 weight levels
TP Mincho FitFont: 21 contrast levels and 51 weight levels
* To request TP Sky FitFont, please send us an email at

By choosing the Latin font from the pull-down menu and making adjustments to the AXIS Font or TP Mincho, you can confirm the beautiful harmony of the Japanese and Latin fonts, and the surprising appeal of their combination.

Click on ‘Cart' to purchase the AXIS FitFont or TP Mincho FitFont that reflects the settings you have made.

Combined fonts
The FitFont Service offers Combined Font development with Commercial Type, Production Type or Monotype‘s Latin fonts from the pull down menu.

Combined Font development takes approximately two months. Addition to AXIS Font or TP Mincho licensing, total costs will include Combined Font development fee (form JPY250,000 ) and Latin font licensing fees. To request a Combined Font, click ‘Inquiry'.

It is available to develop the Combined Font development with other companies' Latin fonts. The approval by the Latin font vendor/designer is necessary for combining the fonts. To request a Combined Font with other font vendor, please send us an email at

Steps for Combined font delivery
2.Specification confirmation(ex: Sign and Symbol)
3.Approval by the Latin font vendor/designer if it is not listed on pull down menu.
4.Estimate 【Japanese font license +Latin font license + development fee】
5.Official order
6.Font production
7.Design check by PDF

Purchase FitFont with current setting

The font you have selected includes AXIS Font or TP Mincho Latin font.

To request a Combined Font

Main feature

  • OpenType font
  • Cross platform
  • Extractable outlines
  • PDF embedded
  • Kerning information
  • No resolution restrictions
  • Dynamic download

Supported operating system
■ Macintosh
Macintosh OS 8.6 or later, Mac OS X
*Need ATM4.6.2 & up for non-Mac OS X
■ Windows
7, 8, 8.1, 10 (Japanese version)

Font set
・AXIS Font (ProN) : 15,525 characters (Adobe-Japan1-4 +N, including Latin Italic )
・TP Mincho (StdN) : 9,498 characters (Adobe-Japan1-3 + JIS level-1 & 2 kanji set + Euro currency symbol )

About purchase

Payment method

  • Credit card
  • Bank transfer (more than JPY100,000 purchase at one time)

Payment period

  • Credit card: immediate
  • Bank transfer:within 7 days after the order


The invoice of your purchase is available to print at mypage.


  • Please download the font(s) and install within three (3) days. Please note that you cannot download after three days. Please check your order before you have processed the download. We won't accept the cancellation once you had downloaded the font(s).


  • We deliver the CD-ROM only in Japan.